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tezuka/fuji event post [fic+playlist]

title: treasure
fandom: Prince of Tennis
pairing: Tezuka/Fuji
rating: G (very very G)
disclaimer: I own nothing.
notes: Written for the tezukafuji post-a-day event. Graciously beta'd by the fantabulous londaily. &hearts


When Yumiko thinks about her little brother, a particular memory always comes vividly to mind.

Fuji was five, playing by himself in a little sandbox when Yumiko came to pick him up from school. Yuuta wasn’t old enough to attend school yet at that time, else he surely would’ve been right behind his aniki. In any case, little Fuji was digging meticulously and carefully, like an archaeologist looking for a delicate piece of skeleton. Yumiko approached him, and bent down, asking in a soft voice, “What are you looking for, Syuusuke?”

Her little brother showed no sign of surprise, only poking at the sand a few more times with his shovel before turning to answer her with a smile. “Treasure.”

Incidentally, that moment- that question and that answer- came to define their interactions in an odd way. Fuji liked shiny things—things that sparkled. He had many different hobbies as a child, most never lasting long. Glass was different from the diamonds they try to reflect though. Glass shatters, breaks, and is worn down into fine grains of sand by wind and water. It might have mimicked a diamond's sparkle from afar, but it didn't shine. They were, after all, different substances. Diamonds were the hardest known substance; diamonds lasted forever. Glass was only a cheap imitation of the other, they were different. And Fuji knew the differences only too well. So he would pick up the activity for a while, examine it, and then discard it like a worn toy.

That day, Fuji had found a marble which he looked at carefully, and tossed a few times, before burying it again with great solemnity.

“Did you find it?” Yumiko had asked.

“Nothing,” was Fuji’s prompt, smiling reply.

Fuji never had trouble letting go.

Yumiko asked Fuji that same question many times after. Once when he was nine and decided to venture into their attic for some exploration. Again after he started tennis and was standing on the sidelines watching his next opponent play, a small frown on his face in lieu of its usual smile. And again, when he’d dragged Yuuta along to the little patch of forest in the nearby park and when they returned for supper, they both had dirt streaking their cheek and grass stains on their clothes.

“Did you find anything?” Yumiko had asked, leading them both to the washroom to clean up.

“An old hawk’s nest, and a dinosaur bone, and a red leaf, and a smooth rock that’s perfect for skipping,” Yuuta replied, eyes shining despite his earlier reluctance to follow his older brother.

“Nothing,” Fuji said.

In fact, in all the years she and Fuji began playing their little game, he’d only answered in the affirmative twice. Once was when he’d gone into a sporting gears store and returned with his very first racket and a complimentary tennis ball.

Then, Fuji decides to enrol in Seishun Gakuen for his middle school years. It wasn’t that Seishun was far from their home, but it was a fair distance away when Fuji could attend the nearby middle school just as easily. And Yumiko has never known her little brother to make an added effort for nothing. For whims, for amusement, or simply for testing certain boundaries, certainly, but not for nothing.

A few days after he started first year there, Yumiko drives by to pick him up on her way back from university. “Did you find anything, Syuusuke?”

He turns to look at her with a cheerful smile, one hand gripping his tennis bag lightly. “Yes,” he whispers softly.

She isn’t surprised, not exactly, but her focus did sharpen as she cocks her head slightly to meet his gaze for a moment. “And what was it?”

“Treasure.” Blue eyes peer back at her from beneath lashes long enough to be mistaken for a girl’s, delight and anticipation and curiosity attesting to his words.

“Oh?” she murmurs, eyes on the road now, amusement thick and bubbling in her voice.


The car pulling into the driveway signals the end of that particular round of the game.

And when Yumiko drops in on Fuji’s tennis club practice a week later, she sees that Fuji wasn’t lying at all. Tezuka Kunimitsu is certainly no glass shard—he shines, gleams and glows with the deeper, inner light of a true diamond. This one would be forever.

The question from now on would no longer be “What are you looking for” because Fuji wouldn’t be looking for anything else anymore (Yumiko knew these things) or “Did you find anything” because he did, but rather “Is your treasure hunt going well?”

Her answer would always be a smile and a light shrug, saying without words that there was no hurry and he was enjoying the chase.

And once, just once, on the way home immediately after that first practise she attended, Yumiko asks, “Is it worth it, Syuusuke?”

The response she gets is a quiet, “I don’t know,” which says more than a straight affirmative ever could-- that Tezuka was something special.

And once, just once, after Yuuta leaves for St. Rudolph, Fuji approaches her and murmurs, “Ne, do you know why it took the little prince so long to find what he wanted, nee-san?"


"He didn’t have a map.”

“So follow the rainbow,” Yumiko tells him, reaching out to touch his cheek gently with her fingertips. His smile slides more naturally into amusement and gratitude than despair, she thinks, as her own lips curve in response.

In Fuji’s last year of middle school, their game falls into the backdrop as Seigaku, led by Tezuka, sweep through the Prefecturals, defeat RikkaiDai in the Regionals, and make their way triumphantly into the Nationals. During that time, Fuji establishes a delicate reconciliation with Yuuta, rediscovers his drive for tennis, and for the first time, truly fights to reach his limits. And he is happier than Yumiko can ever remember seeing him.

They win the Nationals to roaring cheers and tearful grins. The finals are the second game Yumiko attends that year to watch Fuji play, which he does beautifully. Afterwards, amid the post-game celebrations and hugs, she makes her way over to where he stands beside his captain, his smile radiant and sincere for anyone who care to notice.

“Congratulations, Syuusuke, Tezuka-kun. You all played so well.”

Tezuka bows to her politely, a rare smile escaping his usual stern look. “Thank you, Yumiko-san.”

“Yes, we did, ne?” And Yumiko does not miss the fond way her brother tilts his head slightly to glance at his captain, or the way Tezuka returns the look, the widening of his smile infinitesimal, but very much real.

Ah, she thinks.

“Congratulations,” she repeats.


Also thought I'd share some songs usually found on my player when I write TezukaFuji. This isn't exactly a relationship FST-- it's more like my own playlist when I want to write them. Yes, onto it.

Dido- Thank You
I want to thank you
for giving me the best day of my life
Oh just to be with you
is having the best day of my life

This song paints an image of co-habiting!zukafuji for me. It’s a very wistful, showing a rarely visible but always there gratitude that he has for Tezuka’s strength when things get hectic. Sure, he can deal with the things on his own, in his own way, but I think having Tezuka there to hand him a towel when it’s been raining really helps. Of course, it could work both ways, but this song sounds more Fuji than Tezuka to me. Most likely because of Dido’s vocals, and how she sounds kind of soft and breathy in this track.

Vienna Teng- Shine
shine with all the untold
hold the light given unto you
find the love to unfold
in this broken world we choose

Do I need to explain this one? Tezuka-centric song, and maybe Fuji’s voice there sometimes. It’s just… nice.

Regina Spektor- Hotel Song
Come in, come in
Come into my world I've got to show
Show show you
Come into my bed
I've got to know
Know know you

I can hear Fuji in here for some reason. The song is very imaginary and misty and pretty in a not-really-quite-there way. It helps that her voice is gorgeous and the music is catchy.

Regina Spektor- Fidelity
I never loved nobody fully
Always one foot on the ground
And by protecting my heart truly
I got lost in the sounds

Mm, I can’t exactly put my finger on why exactly I associate this with writing ZukaFuji, but it’s on my playlist. I like it a) because of Spektor’s voice (XD), and b) because it kinda depicts the fact that both of them are complete on their own and don’t really need the other. Yet, they kind of drift together and are able to compromise a relationship where they don’t have to give up their individual priorities (because I would never imagine love would be either of their number one priorities).

Balligomingo- Privilege
I am the freedom that you're fighting
I am the sweetness that you're hiding
I am the heaven at your door and I am waiting
I have wings and they are beating
I am flying and I am free
Don't you see the way I'm heading for shore?

Hayley Westenra- Both Sides Now
Rows and flows of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons everywhere
I've looked at clouds that way

Fuji again. And again, the song is very wispy and imaginary and pretty. Westenra has a beautiful voice, and the perspectives of the song are fresh and fun. I like to imagine initial contact, the first date, and the first “I &hearts you” with this song. Try it—it’s really pretty.

Faye Wong- Hypnotize
Um, no lyrics for this one because I fail at translations. It’s in Chinese, and has an oh-so-lovely sound that I like for my backdrop when writing. ^^

Vienna Teng- Drought
summer move forward and stitch me the fabric of fall
wrap life in the brilliance of death to humble us all
how sweet is the day
I'm craving a darkness
as I sit tucked away with my back to the wall

Long standing pattern now, but this song is lovely in a dreamy, imaginary way. The lyrics are beautifully heart wrenching. This is my angst song right here, angst with a touch of hope.

Bette Midler- The Rose
Some say love it is a river,
that drowns the tender reed.
Some say love it is a razor,
that leaves your soul to bleed.
Some say love it is a hunger,
an endless aching need.
I say love it is a flower,
and you it's only seed

Again, I think the song and lyrics are self-explanatory. This is the love song right here for me, and naturally I apply it to my OTP.

Regina Spektor- Samson

You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first, I loved you first
Beneath the sheets of paper lies my truth
I have to go, I have to go
Your hair was long when we first met

I imagine this song to be Tezuka at the end of a scenario where things didn’t quite work out. Fuji was his first and he’ll never forget him, and maybe sometimes, late at night next to his wife, he regrets it, but he knows that he can’t go back. And sometimes, he can afford to indulge in some old memories.

kawabe chieko- Sakura Kiss
Kiss kiss fall in love!

Because, awwww, my fandom needs some fluff. C: It’s flirtatious and just makes me smile listening to it because it’s cute.

Enjoy. ^^


Aug. 24th, 2006 06:46 pm (UTC)
....OMG... *insert incoherent squee here*

lovely fic!! XDD i really like the whole treasure hunting theme! ♥ and it's really well written too! ^^

and thanks for sharing the song too!
Aug. 24th, 2006 08:47 pm (UTC)
Haha, thanks. Incoherent squees are good. XD

Thank you. And enjoy the songs. ^^