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Tenipuri drabblet -- on miracles

title: on miracles
fandom: prince of tennis
disclaimer: not mine.
notes: for my new onee-sama, mari_yagami. I really meant for it to be longer and actually have plot, but uh, didn't work out that way. Sorry. T__T It was supposed to be for making you feel better when you were sick, but Iamahorribleprocrastinatorlaaaaugh now I can dedicate it in honour of you being not-sick! for a while. XD

on miracles

Tezuka didn’t believe in miracles. Rather, he would rather work for his goals than leave it up to some higher power’s whims. Likewise, similar terms such as Fate, luck, and chance were also not part of Tezuka Kunimitsu’s recognized vocabulary. For him, there was no such thing. One’s destiny was controlled strictly by one’s own will and perseverance.

Then, as if in response to his life philosophy, Fuji Syuusuke enrolled in Seishun Gakuen the same year he did. They both joined the tennis club, and made it into the Regulars. Tezuka didn’t notice him right away, of course, but by the time the boy’s name was being whispered throughout the middle school tennis scene, always with the word “tensai” attached, Fuji Syuusuke was already engraved into Tezuka’s mind.

Fuji, with his elegant, sharply accurate tennis play, and his three devastating Triple Counters. Fuji, always smiling, but never with his eyes. Undefeated, but never really trying to. Fuji, graceful, lithe, mysterious, intelligent, cheerful, friend, rival, dangerous, mild (deceptively so), intriguing, frustrating, delicate, strong, intangible, undefinable— Fuji, the natural-born tennis prodigy who had, against all odds, entered the same school as him.

Tezuka could think of nothing else to call it but a miracle.




Jul. 7th, 2006 01:55 am (UTC)
Thank you. I wouldn't call it perfect, but I try my best to do them justice. XD