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turn the tables

Love Meme from sesame_seed here.

Put into the subject line of a comment the name or lj username of someone (not me! I assume you all adore me by default :D) that you think highly of - yourself or someone else - and then put into the comment itself something nice about that person. Check whether there's a thread for that person already or not, but otherwise go for it! Even if you've never talked to this person and just want to fangirl them for a moment, go for it! We all need to be fangirled sometimes.

If you put this on your own journal, please link back so that we can follow the chain o' niceness around.

Anonymous posts are welcome, because let's face it: declaring our love for someone can be embarassing.

This is only partially because I don't wanna study xylems and phloems anyways, and more so because I think it's a sweet meme idea and just wanted to spread the love and happy. ^^

Look I'll even start! :D

FLIST. I &hearts you lots and lots, and what would I do without you for finals week?

edit: Gah, forgot to turn off IP logging. Just did so. Sorry!


Jun. 23rd, 2006 11:19 am (UTC)
The depth and breadth of her fannish activies shame me. She's warm and friendly in general, not afraid to speak up on controversial subjects, and where would we all be without her recs site?