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happy "be evil" day!

See my indecisiveness! I caved to poll results, and wrote TezukaFuji. With a Shirota/Aiba fic on the side. :D When I should be doing my Biology worksheet. D:

Title: 06/06/06
Author: lusciniaecantus
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: None. Really.
Rating: G
Disclaimer: No characters are mine. Sadly.
Notes: Watch out for bad characterizations and lack of plot. XP

cross-posted to tezukafuji, tenipuri.


“We should do something special today.”

He receives a blank look, tinged with the barest hint of wariness for the suggestion, murmured over the dimmed bustle of Tokyo.

“After all, it only comes every hundred years,” he presses on cheerfully. “Doesn’t that make it special?”

The look now is distinctively unconvinced, the muscles around the other’s mouth tightening in a dead giveaway of the suppressed sigh. He is also suppressing the urge to raise his eyebrows, Fuji knows.

“Ne, Tezuka?” He has no intention of giving up, and flashes Tezuka his sweetest, most innocent, ‘aren’t I right?’ smile.

Still receiving no reply, Fuji’s smile shifts ever-so-slightly into an ‘I’m right and you know it’ quirk. “A special occasion should be celebrated,” he informs the other, taking on the tone of a teacher lecturing a young child.

“Not many people would consider today to be a ‘special occasion’,” Tezuka points out, what would normally be a dryly amused merely sounding like a statement of fact coming from the taller youth.

“But it is,” Fuji insists, a small pout now settling onto his lips.

“In fact,” Tezuka continues, the wryness that was absent previously now creeping into his stoic voice. “Many people would consider it the most inauspicious day of this century.”

It is Fuji’s turn to be unconvinced as he hums softly. “Ne, where should we go then?” he asks, clearly dismissing Tezuka’s remarks as unimportant. When Fuji wants something, he doesn’t let something as trivial as societal norms deter him. “Let’s see…” The fair-haired young man scoops up a magazine off the coffee table and begins to flip through it, smiling and murmuring at any locations that caught his eye.

Watching him, Tezuka lets out a resigned sigh, quietly though as to not give Fuji the satisfaction. Even so, the tensai’s mouth curves upwards just a little further, and this time, Tezuka bites back his reaction. Fuji was possibly the only person who would insist on going out for June 06, 2006.


Haaaah, warned you didn't I? *hiiiiiides*

Title: Doubles
Author: lusciniaecantus
Fandom: Tenimyu
Pairing: ShirotaAiba... maybe.
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Um, they're not mine? Is this even necessary here?
Notes: RPS. Not likely to really happen, but I can dream, no? Also, first time with fandom and pairing. (Which translates to LOTS AND LOTS OF LIBERTY USED.)

cross-posted to shirotaxaiba


It was impossible to play the roles that they did without learning the core of what they were portraying—tennis. So, the Tenimyu cast took regular lessons from professional instructors, who worked with them on their form and moves. Occasionally, they’d even be allowed to play mock games.

Today, the cast was practising their doubles tennis.

“Partnered!” Shirota slung his arm around a certain tensai character’s slim shoulders, grinning happily.

Aiba glanced back with an indignant look, amusement and annoyance fighting for dominance in his eyes, and his mouth opened to say something. But it was Adachi who got there first.

“Eh, but you don’t play doubles Shirotan!” He’d spent hours practising his lines, and it showed in the way he bounced over to the two of them, racket behind his head.

“Exactly,” Aiba said pointedly, slipping out from under Shirota’s arm.

“But I want to practise doubles with everyone else!” the taller man pouted, looping his arm through Aiba’s, ignoring the disgruntled look the other shot him.

“Shirota-kun, Aiba-kun, get into formation please!” the instructor called, walking over and there was no choice but to obey. Hissing at Shirota that he was not happy with the arrangement, Aiba reluctantly lined up with the older man on the court. They were facing Zukki and Adachi.

Perfect, Aiba thought, seeing Zukki’s cocky grin flashed in their direction. As the ‘Golden Pair’, the two of them had spent a lot of time perfecting their game to give the crowd the best performance possible. Their doubles game was far ahead of the Shirota-Aiba makeshift pairing, and Zukki knew it. The Fuji actor took a moment to return his friend’s smirk with a dark look before turning his glower on his partner’s back.

Shirota chose that minute to glance back and give Aiba a wide grin that was meant to be encouraging, which the younger man promptly ignored. Aiba snatched up a wayward tennis ball and, under the instructor’s watchful eye, served. There was no doubt that all of them had all gotten to know the game fairly well, what with the intense training sessions and private practises. He easily hit the ball to the other court and listened absently to the instructor’s shouted instructions for the Golden Pair’s play.

Halfway into the game, Aiba was beginning to relax. Shirota wasn’t bad at tennis—maybe he’d overreacted. He watched as the current ball was returned smoothly by Adachi, and Aiba ran for it, just as Shirota also decided to chase it. It was like a bad replay of Ryoma and Momo’s first attempts at doubles. The two of them were fast enough to stop before crashing, but Shirota was apparently not graceful enough to avoid tripping over his own feet as he came to an abrupt stop and fell forwards onto Aiba, bringing them both to a crumpled heap on the court.

Startled by the close proximity, Aiba obeyed his first instincts and shoved his partner off him roughly. The two of them were still on the floor, but at least Shirota wasn’t on top of him anymore, stifling his air with the older man’s newest cologne scent. His breathing just this side of harsh, Aiba found the tennis ball, lying off to the side, before turning his gaze to stare at Shirota. He was still somewhat disoriented by the split second incident.

“Daijoubu-ka?” Adachi asked concernedly from the other side of the net.

That shook his out of his daze, and Aiba nodded once, smiling at his friend. “I’m fine,” he replied, before returning his eyes to where Shirota was sitting on the floor, looking at him, head tilted to the side.

“And you…” His voice was wryly contemptuous. “You suck at doubles.”

A slow grin spread across the older man’s face, and he bound up in a smooth movement. “Why thank you, Aibacchin.” Striding over to where Aiba still sat on the floor, he offered him a hand. Aiba studied the proffered hand before grasping his racket and leapt off the ground with a backflip, offering Shirota a small smirk.

“Show-off,” the other accused, his teasing tone belying his words.

They lost the game, which was no surprise, but Aiba was surprised to realize that he had fun, and even agreed to meet up with Zukki, Adachi and Shirota to play doubles again.


Tell me what you think? &hearts


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Jun. 8th, 2006 02:43 am (UTC)
doubles love~! it's subtle, but still good definitely. like good, *good*!
Jun. 8th, 2006 02:57 am (UTC)
Thank you~ ^__^

I was really really sketchy on characterization here, but eh... XP;; I'm glad you still found it enjoyable.
Jun. 8th, 2006 11:27 pm (UTC)


*non-understandable me flailing*
+ JASMINE CAN SO WRITE. *je t'adore too much for words*
Jun. 8th, 2006 11:35 pm (UTC)
YOU LIE. You can't be talking about the first one cuz honestly, it sucks and it blows too.

*frustrated, unhappy flailing*

Jun. 8th, 2006 11:43 pm (UTC)


See the light? Now come with mee

& you = LOVE. LOVE.
Jun. 9th, 2006 12:49 am (UTC)


(&hearts you too, dahling.)
Jun. 9th, 2006 01:11 am (UTC)

'Tis TRUE.

Jun. 22nd, 2006 12:27 pm (UTC)

this was the first time i read shirotaxaiba. i don't know much abt their characters, but i find this story enjoyable. shirota is kinda goofy here, not that i mind, though [is he really like that? he seems fun to be with <-- is totally clueless abt hyouteimyu casts].
Jul. 6th, 2006 08:39 am (UTC)
Shirota is 100% goofable dorkable love. Watch some of the backstage clips on Youtube and it's obvious that he's the complete opposite of Seigaku's resident buchou.

I suggest watching these clips ^^ They're funny and well, Shirota is pure dork love xD :

Him cooking:

Backstage clips of Shirota and Kaji Masaki (Momo), Kujirai (Kaidoh), Kotani (Taka-san) and Araki (Inui) being random goofballs:

Watch Shirota and Fudomine and St. Rudolph's captains forget Yamabuki's captain:

Shirota being goofy with the rest of the Seigaku cast:

Some more random goofiness from everyone:

Shirota giving some love to Kazuki:

Shirota gets some curtain call love:

Happy viewings ^^ I hope you see why fans in tenimyu like to call Shirotan the hot dork xD

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