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Friends Only. Comment to be added.

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Credit for FO Banner goes to _lostjunkie.

This journal is Friendlocked.
(90% of it at least. excludes fic and some memes.)

I like to keep track of who reads my journal, because a) I do post personal matters here and b) I don't want certain people to stumble across my LJ accidentally (ie. teachers, parents etc)

I really don't have any rules other than that you can't be any of the aforementioned people, so comment if you'd like to be added. I like people, I really do. XD

Shared interests are great, but not necessary and same goes for commenting. Heaven knows I'm not the best at keeping with comments myself.
aka "Look how easily I am galled into things by londaily"
aka "I really don't want to get accepted into Trinity"
aka "At least this isn't fic (I hope that counts for something in Hell)"

THAT BEING SAID. First serious attempts at icon-making. WHOO.

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Icon table generator here.
Images credited to boys_paper.

Credit is preferred, comments are love&hearts

tezuka/fuji event post [fic+playlist]

title: treasure
fandom: Prince of Tennis
pairing: Tezuka/Fuji
rating: G (very very G)
disclaimer: I own nothing.
notes: Written for the tezukafuji post-a-day event. Graciously beta'd by the fantabulous londaily. &hearts

x marks the spotCollapse )

Also thought I'd share some songs usually found on my player when I write TezukaFuji. This isn't exactly a relationship FST-- it's more like my own playlist when I want to write them. Yes, onto it.

what should you find at the end of the rainbow?Collapse )

Enjoy. ^^

Tenipuri drabblet -- on miracles

title: on miracles
fandom: prince of tennis
disclaimer: not mine.
notes: for my new onee-sama, mari_yagami. I really meant for it to be longer and actually have plot, but uh, didn't work out that way. Sorry. T__T It was supposed to be for making you feel better when you were sick, but Iamahorribleprocrastinatorlaaaaugh now I can dedicate it in honour of you being not-sick! for a while. XD

Tezuka doesn't believe in miracles. [184 words]Collapse )



turn the tables

Love Meme from sesame_seed here.

Put into the subject line of a comment the name or lj username of someone (not me! I assume you all adore me by default :D) that you think highly of - yourself or someone else - and then put into the comment itself something nice about that person. Check whether there's a thread for that person already or not, but otherwise go for it! Even if you've never talked to this person and just want to fangirl them for a moment, go for it! We all need to be fangirled sometimes.

If you put this on your own journal, please link back so that we can follow the chain o' niceness around.

Anonymous posts are welcome, because let's face it: declaring our love for someone can be embarassing.

This is only partially because I don't wanna study xylems and phloems anyways, and more so because I think it's a sweet meme idea and just wanted to spread the love and happy. ^^

Look I'll even start! :D

FLIST. I &hearts you lots and lots, and what would I do without you for finals week?

edit: Gah, forgot to turn off IP logging. Just did so. Sorry!

potential friends. :D

TrustFlow results for lusciniaecantus

Results.Collapse )

Is it odd that the farther down the list I go (which is supposedly those "farther" away), the more names I recognize?

request fic for londaily

Lisa, know that I blame you completely for this. (Omg, I'm sorry- the characterizations, the plot (what plot???), and aaaah. But hey, it's done. ^^;;) I told you I couldn't write smut. Not even semi-pseudo-smut (which is what this tries to be, but watch it faaaaaaail miserably.)

Oh yeah, the quote ... didn't fit as well as I'd have liked.

Disclaimer: I don't own Tsubasa R.C. CLAMP does.

Kurogane/Fai. pg-13. prompt: “anything goes.”Collapse )

I'm sorry? I liked it all the way up 'til the ending, where it kinda... disintegrated. ;___;

Good luck studying for your exams!! &hearts :D

Tenipuri fic- cadence

Proving once again that I cannot do anything by myself, including getting inspiration to sit down and write fic. XP

Title: cadence
Author: lusciniaecantus
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Tezuka/Fuji
Rating: G
Warnings: Spoilerish for anime episodes 174-176.
Disclaimer: Tenipuri and all corresponding character are not mine.
Notes: Prompted by misterwalnut's fic Perspectives to write this.

cross-posted to tezukafuji, tenipuri.

The sounds they hear...Collapse )

Comments, and concrit are always appreciated. &hearts

happy "be evil" day!

See my indecisiveness! I caved to poll results, and wrote TezukaFuji. With a Shirota/Aiba fic on the side. :D When I should be doing my Biology worksheet. D:

Title: 06/06/06
Author: lusciniaecantus
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: None. Really.
Rating: G
Disclaimer: No characters are mine. Sadly.
Notes: Watch out for bad characterizations and lack of plot. XP

cross-posted to tezukafuji, tenipuri.

Do you know what day today is?Collapse )

Title: Doubles
Author: lusciniaecantus
Fandom: Tenimyu
Pairing: ShirotaAiba... maybe.
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Um, they're not mine? Is this even necessary here?
Notes: RPS. Not likely to really happen, but I can dream, no? Also, first time with fandom and pairing. (Which translates to LOTS AND LOTS OF LIBERTY USED.)

cross-posted to shirotaxaiba

Partnered!Collapse )

Tell me what you think? &hearts

poll testing... 1, 2, 3...

Poll #742681 Next procrastination poison of choice?

aka. Which fic should I write now?

Tezuka/Fuji, of course. OTP!!
Shirota/Aiba. Because new fandom deserves (non)canon fic! :D
Those AU's that you've had for HOW many months now? >__>
FINISH MY REQUEST!!11!1 ^______^;;
Ticky boxes? T___T (b/c it's the latest thing.)

Other? o_____o;;